Who doesn’t love robots? They not only make our lives faster and easier by performing surgery, sorting the waste we produce, vacuuming our houses when we don’t feel like (meaning always), and most importantly ⁠— teaching and entertaining our kids.

In this article, we share the best STEM toys that’ll foster your kids’ curiosity and introduce them to the fun world of coding. They allow kids to create complex apps, manage the movements of a robot, and more. Choose the one you like most and boost your kids’ creativity!

Meet The Best Robots For Kids: Which One Would You Like to Play With?

Playing has never been more fun than with robots! To prove it, we’ll walk you through the list of the best robots for kids and cover their pros and cons. Eventually, we’ll share which robot has won our hearts and made our dream we had it when we were kids, too!

Anki Cozmo

Anki is a newly developed smart robot, suitable for kids aged 8 and up. It is super easy to use and extremely fun to spend time with. Anki’s pocket-sized (3.9 inches long, 2.7 inches tall, and 2.1 inches wide) and equipped with tank tracks and comes with a bulldozer attachment for the front. It fits into a regular palm and can be easily carried around, as long as you there is WiFi and a phone with an active app. 

The robot moves on its own or can be directed by commands in the app. At the same time, there are 3 cubes that Anki comes with which you can use to play with the robot. Young programmers can benefit from a programming feature that allows them to write code and create unique apps or commands for Anki Cozmo. 

Anki Cozmo. Image credit: Amazon

The best thing about Anki is that it develops a personality the longer you engage with it. It remembers your name, face, and even the quirks you have. Further, you’ll never get bored with it: the little fella unlocks new games the more you play with it. Besides, Anki will recognize your favorite activities and ask to play them again later.

On the downside, some claim that one can quickly get bored of having to interact more with an app than the robot itself. Yet, if you feel like your little one would love to have a cute new friend ⁠— get your Anki Cozmo for $126 here.

Really fun to play games with

Small and easily portable

Has options to integrate with Alexa

Very sleek app

Requires a WiFi connection

Facial recognition needs some improvement; may forget people

Lego Boost Creative Toolbox

Lego Boost Creative Toolbox comes in at $160 for the whole set of 847 pieces. It’s suitable for kids aged 7-12, but even 5-year-old kids can play with it with a little help from their parents. With one kit you’re able to create up to 5 different robots, one at a time. Using the app, the robot can be programmed to move its arms, legs, or turn cartwheels, as well as react when it sees or hears something.

On top of that, Lego Boost teaches your kids to code, embedding the coding elements in the app. The app provides step-by-step instructions, breaking the whole construction process into phases. Once you get your robot made, you can have fun creating endless combinations of sounds or movements to control your robot from your tablet. Move its body parts, direct it to turn sideways, or even equip it with a rocket that you have to build as a part of the next challenge, coming right after you’ve completed the basic steps.

Lego Boost Creative Toolbox. Image credit: Amazon

In general, it’s a great kit for painlessly teaching your children how to code and manage small pieces, yet, some smaller kiddos might need some parental assistance – in fact parents can also have fun with it! Lego Boost Creative Toolbox is especially suitable for kids who are familiar with other Lego toys, and its educational value can not be underestimated.

Compatible with other Lego products

Has multiple projects to build

Great coding app with simple visuals

Some projects are too complex for younger kids

Lots of pieces to keep track of

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot

Included when you buy the Dash Robot is: two robots, Dash and Dot; two connectors for building bricks; a charging cable; and an easy guide to get you started. It’s controlled using 4 different apps, all suitable for different devices. Getting any one of them will make your robot do pretty much anything. 

Using the app, your kid can give the robot a unique name and customize the colors for its expressive lights. Once the basic set-up is done, the robot is capable of making sounds, dancing, lighting up, and moving around. It can also recognize its owner’s voice and, once you complete the basic challenges, it opens up even more of the cool features.

Wonder Workshop Dash Robot. Image credit: Amazon

Besides, there is an option to create various programs on the app and combine different commands. The best part is that each program gets a unique key that can be shared with other Dash users so that they can edit and/or run it on their own robot.

The only drawback is that there are many other cool accessories compatible with Dash, that can be purchased separately, which adds up to the robot’s cost. While this robot is recommended for children 6-years-old and above, and it’ll be a fun experience for both boys and girls. It’s well worth the price of $136 and can be easily ordered here

Various levels of programming available

Durable robot body

Easy setup


Text-heavy app; challenging for preliterate kids

Too many add-on accessories at an extra cost

Editor’s Choice

This robot is the ultimate winner of our hearts and minds. It’s definitely not the kind of robot that will be assembled and forgotten one day. In fact, MiPosaur gives the most outstanding playtime experience and here’s why. 

WowWee MiPosaur

This robot is truly the most hi-tech dinosaur you’ve ever seen. For just $160 you’ll buy a win-win combination of robot and dinosaur, both of which are extremely popular among kids of all age groups. Yet, it’s most suitable for kids aged 8 and up.

The WowWee can be controlled with hand gestures, responding to up to 10 different ones, and over time it becomes more intelligent. Moreover, the robot has unique moods and reacts accordingly: it may be excited or curious or even annoyed. The MiPosaur app enables you to remotely control the robot, draw its route, or even put it in a fight with another MiPosaur robot, when another one’s around.

WowWee MiPosaur. Image credit: Amazon

Kids can train and teach their MiPosaur in various ways, having them to turn one way or the other, spin 180 degrees, do shimmies and shakes, and more. Besides, the robot has different fun modes, with dancing, kicking a ball, and following you around the house among them. The other cool thing is that the robot won’t respond to your hand gestures until you master them. At the same time, even if you do, its reaction completely depends on how the robot feels at that particular moment. So, it basically teaches your munchkins some patience, which can be a good thing if you’re thinking of getting a pet because they learn how to take care of something.

Intuitive to use

Has a great design

Teaches patience and builds up skills

Hand gestures are hit-and-miss

Needs some space in the home to get the best of it

Wrap Up

The best robots are aimed at making learning fun. They are especially rewarding for kids as young as 3-5 years old and up who are forming their passions and are eager to try and learn about new things. We hope the best robots-toys for kids we’ve shared will pique the interest of your kiddos and bring them many hours of excitement and joy! We’ve marked WowWee MiPosaur as our favorite robotics toys of all times and now it’s your turn to pick the best robot for your kids (and, of course, for you). Keep in touch and follow our updates to find all the necessary hi-tech products easily!