Here is a full truck of the first-rate gameplay from Gamescom 2020. I take issue with the reference that cinematic trailers are better than the actual video of the game – which could differ after the release. However, it’s truly a satisfaction to enjoy the gameplay because you can fill in the rest of the gaming process in your head. You get two variants of how to spend your free time: 

The first one is to click this link and watch the best trailers from Gamescom.

The second one is to check our list of the best gameplay.

Here we go.

Scarlet Nexus

This is a new RPG from legendary studio Bandai Namco. The plot is covered under numerous monsters like bushes and characters with colorful abilities and cyber gadgets. In this short gameplay cut, we see different characters with unique abilities, and perhaps the game will support a co-op mode. We’re still waiting for the release date, but we do know that you can check out the game on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Quantum Error

Some creepy things are happening in this gameplay trailer. IGN promises that this piece of art will be in the survival genre, and yeah, it’s a survival horror, so you can start watching horrors to get prepared for this. The studio Teamkill Media opened a GoFundMe campaign so if you like it, you can support the project. The link is here.

Star Wars Squadrons

I don’t like the way the Star Wars franchise is developing in the film industry but I’m actually excited for what I see in the gaming industry. Star Wars Squadrons is more evidence that developers are working at the right tempo because the game engages attention from the first trailer. According to my modest experience, games with cosmic spaceship topics can raise a lot thanks to modern technologies. Star Wars Squadrons will drop on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 3 this year.

Little Nightmares 2

We are glad to see the second part of Little Nightmares from independent Tarsier Studio. The previous part forced me to sympathize with the character and feel anxiety every time I met the enemy. This game disturbs me so much, but I actually like that because that’s what you’re waiting for from a horror game. Little Nightmares II follows the story of Mono, a boy who has been trapped in a dark world of cruelty distorted by a signal tower. Check out the game on February 11, 2021. It’ll be available for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series.

EverSpace 2 Combat

A dynamic gameplay leads to an understanding of what a huge jump technology has made since the first-ever space combat game in 1962. EverSpace 2 is a child of Rockfish Games – an independent game studio. This gameplay shows us that the spaceship can’t only destroy other ships but is able to interact with the surrounding constructions and even solve some puzzles.  

Ratchet & Clank: Rift 

Insomniac Games unveiled more of Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. It seems like developers are working all-day shifts because the game has made a huge step forward with regards to the visual effects and graphics. This gameplay gives a clear vision of what to expect from the game. Ratchet and Clank jump through different dimensions without any loading screen. The footage shows us a combat style, the different weapons available. and enemies you’ll fight against. 

Medal of Honor

Developed by Respawn and Oculus Studios, Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond is a VR game set during World War 2. It’s a single-player game and it’ll be available only for Oculus Rift, surprise! According to IGN, you can pull the pin out of the grenade with your teeth. The game will keep you entertained through the whole story. You’ll be able to hide somewhere behind the barrels and annoy your Nazi enemies with a bottle thrown in their heads. 

The release date is to be announced later. 

Pumpkin Jack

It’s a 3D platformer where you’ll become a nightmare itself – Pumpkin Jack. As in a typical platformer, you’ll have to jump, fight, and climb a lot, but the ordinarity of the game doesn’t make it bad. The title looks colorful and dynamic enough to engage you.


Godfall is a kind of a game where you loot and slash, slash and loot. It is exclusive for PC and PS5-console and will see the light of the world on holiday 2020. In this gameplay, you have a chance to spectate how the customization of the character works in real life. You start the game as a Silvermane who is the base class in the game, as well as Mesa, Typhon, and Vertigo in action.