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The Future of Fashion Tech


Everything in the world is connected in one structured system. We can’t omit or ignore any part of it; when something is missed the structure can collapse. Balance isn’t something you achieve at some point in the future, it is a result of cohesion and collaboration. Progress is to go through the same thing.

My name is Alexander Rozhansky, and I am addicted to gadgets and fashion. Today I will tell you about the future of FashTech – a word I just created! In my opinion, this topic will come up many times in the future. I could speculate about it for days. I was in Tbilisi from October 30 until November 4 because Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was being held in this brilliant city. As a result, I filled up my stock of inspiration and I want to share my notes with you.

How not to lose your e-transport

I want to begin my story with a little “how to” heading. E-transport is widely used in many countries and it continues to find new fans across industries. As for me, I like it as much as my children do. Unfortunately in the airport I faced a little obstacle to do with transporting my Segway e-transport. I haven’t seen rules about such gadgets before and I’ve been left bemused and a bit astonished. Luckily, I did everything right and I didn’t end up having to leave my Segway in the airport. Here’s a list of rules for you:

  • E-transport should have its full paperwork with it, unless you want to wait for it to be disassembled and checked over
  • The battery in your device should not exceed 140 watts
  • You should keep your transport in hand luggage only

Good things come to those who wait; I had an opportunity to become acquainted with this procedure and on my way back home I already knew what I needed to do.

My Segway e-transport

How to stand out in Fashion Week

Welcome to Georgia! A family atmosphere dominates in this country. Every cell of my body felt this friendly and amiable aura; family ties could be observed in the fashion week itself. Every family member came to support their sons and daughters who were participants in FW. I was amazed when I found out that the Georgian government refunds 50% of the participants expenses. It is a green light for people to create! This fact made me feel warm and positive inside. The previous year my lovely wife and I were participants, but this year we had a chance to get swept away in a little fantasy and seek inspiration for our projects.

My lovely wife with friends at the Tbilisi Fashion Week

FW in Tbilisi was experimental for me this year. I had an aim to combine gadgets with my everyday look. The idea was to show that modern technologies complement style and not vice versa. I was armed with different gadgets for everyday, and they perfectly complemented my look. For example, I put on a custom apple watch wristband and white headphones and nothing more and the result was rather pleasing. Gadgets and clothes make a perfect match.

How innovations are involved in Fashion

The flip side of the shows demonstrates that innovative fashion isn’t only gadgets, but also the way clothes are actually produced. I share the opinion with Miroslava Duma and her ideas about harmless fashion that protects nature. Miroslava is the founder of the international fund Future Tech Lab. The result of the scientific research can be observed today.
The first masterpieces created in the FTL became a capsule collection of Salvatore Ferragamo clothing and accessories made of Orange Fiber materials, which are based on the production waste of orange juice, and a Stella McCartney dress made of spider silk called Bolt Threads or, simply put, a web grown as a result of the fermentation of special yeast, water, salt and Sahara. This is a result of fashion and science collaborating together. Isn’t it inspiring? 

FashTech of the future – wrapping up

Your attention should not revolve only around your look. So far so good – FW of the future will be totally occupied by fascinating shows with unusual and creative ideas. I can imagine how the use of AR technologies will change the presentation of new clothing collections, and I predict the same thing will happen with holograms. At first glance, the game is not worth the trouble, because different challenges could appear, but isn’t it interesting how cutting-edge gadgets could contribute to the fashion industry: it feeds my curiosity.

Alex Rozhanskyi
Owner & Founder

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