COVID-19 – the virus that’s become the reason for mass paranoia and the spontaneous overbuying of toilet paper. Recent statistics show that Italy is suffering the most, with 13,915 deaths among 115,242 infected

The reason for such numbers is likely down to demographics; Italy is an aging nation aging. According to Istat (Istituto Nazionale di Statistica), there are now 168.7 senior citizens per 100 young Italians. However, Italy is not the only country to suffer. The virus is rapidly spreading globally, that is why COVID-19 is designated a pandemic, and to reduce further spread, governments of almost all countries have announced a quarantine or lockdown period. 

Millions of people are being forced to sit at home by circumstance, understanding their responsibility to medical workers and society to follow the rules. Isolation looks like a stereotypical padded cell in a random mental hospital in an average film, though praise be to the powerful internet, allowing us to communicate with each other through different apps like Hangout, Skype, etc. Nevertheless, enthusiasts have found other ways to direct their energy and, at the same time, to express their attitude to the situation we’re all facing.

As you probably didn’t guess, I’m talking about TikTok. Visualization nowadays is like salt and pepper; we can eat food without it and your dish would be acceptable enough, but why should you? The lack of taste, or photos and videos, in our situation, can repulse the desire to perceive information in a different way. 

That’s why TikTok acts like the information broadcaster. Videos hashtagged with coronavirus have clocked 39.5B of views and the mountains of videos can swallow you like a swamp in the wood, “this is ma swamp”. For you to navigate your way through the stream, our team has divided users of the platform into four categories:

Memeseeker: a person who has the superpower to foresee the coming trends and keeps their finger on the switch on button, ready to record another meme video with a pinch of black humor. These kinds of videos are socially necessary because they are like a guardian that protects us from depression when we look at the world around us.

Its paranoia time!
Shaman King

Wash your hands or die: people whose creativity could replace a perpetual motion machine, we’d never have thought that there were so many ways to teach people to wash their hands. Very informative, but there is only one method to keep your hands clean, so after plenty of #washyourhands videos, you’ll revert to the memeseekers.

Wash hands compilation
The best tutorial I’ve recently seen!

Reactors: people who film their reaction to coronavirus. Unfortunately, these videos haven’t reached their golden middle. They’re teaching us how to react during quarantine but they can cause a bout of depression, too.

TikTok user @ann_haylen reacts to her first day with COVID-19
Everything is not stable and our plans too 🙁

Toilet lickers: I can count these people on ninja turtle fingers, thank goodness! It’s nothing more than an attempt to wave the crest of the hype around coronavirus. That’s exactly what happened to the person who first posted the toilet licking trend, according to Piers Morgan. It was a Californian social media prankster known as Larz. There’s nothing that says whether the TikToker caught this dangerous virus after the disgusting ritual, but he broke the rules and has been punished by karma. Unfortunately, there is no video of it, but to my mind, the right word is: fortunately.

Image credit: mirror.co.uk

Wrapping up + Bonus video

The TikTok phenomenon is now an integral part of social communication and self-expression. In this complicated era, people are not losing their temper and the ability to find comedic value. Wash your hands and stay home!

cosmic level “lol”