Netflix is not the only streaming service that can distribute quality shows. Meet Amazon Prime Video’s significant list of original shows prepared by Jennifer Bisset for CNET

The mood of the list is pretty contrasting so it can please the entire palette of emotions you’d like to experience. 

Mozart in the Jungle

Every drama, or alien invasion, should take place in New York. The show is about the confrontation between the man and city. New York’s classical music scene meets a new eccentric conductor, Rodrigo, who aims to relaunch the New York Symphony while young oboist Hailey sees her chance for the future. 

The Boys

The Boys deserves to be a part of the list because it sarcastically unveils the egocentric side of every superhero. It’s a story with a double portion of ultra-violence, where the man who’s supposed to be the antagonist in the show wants to take revenge against superheros. We’re used to seeing superheroes as highly moral people who serve justice and law. But here, we’ll see what supernatural powers make with the personality of man. Be careful, the show is shockingly truthful. 

A Very English Scandal

The UK Parliament becomes the centre of a sex scandal. Jeremy Thrope, who is a Liberal member of Parliament, had a homosexual relationship with his ex-lover Norman Scott. The situation gets even more tough knowing that sodomy was still illegal in Britain. Plus, such scandals would have rough effects on anyone’s political career. 


Transparent, in its unique poster, is a wonderful story to rethink the notion of tolerance, belief, and choice. Pfefferman’s life changed in a moment, even faster than a lightning strike, when the children learn that their father has something to tell them. A bitter divorce, self-absorbed children, and the fact that dad has a secret he wants them to know, makes the story uncommonly satisfying.


The second season of Homecoming could barely reach the halfway point of the first season. We recommend you finish watching at the end of the first season. It’s a small-screen debut for Julia Roberts and it’s very noticable. Homecoming is a psychological thriller about a Geist Group facility that’s aiming to help soldiers with their post-war life. The plot has got a sharp mystery that surrounds a questionable company owner. The show’s got a pressing tension, a seeking paranoia, and everything you need to provoke your entire nervous system. 


Undone uses an interesting animation technique that’s called Rotoscoping. In this manner, the TV series tells us the story of a woman who’s survived a near-fatal car accident and somehow she manages to control time. Undone has a double-bottom part so those who like to think over deep things – this piece of art is for you. 

The Tick

The Tick won’t have a desirable continuation and the story ends after two seasons, though it doesn’t mean you can’t feast your eyes on the colorful action. The Tick is a comic book character who has the supernatural power to be bulletproof. The Tick wears an acid blue moth costume and fights against The Terror, a supervillain who’s terrorising the city.

The Man in the High Castle

The Man in the High Castle is an alternative story based on a Philip K. Dick novel about the “what if” ideas. This “what if” is an alternate history where Rome, Berlin, and Tokyo win World War II. Rome and Berlin are occupying Europe whilst Japan rules the US. Very intriguing, isn’t it?

The Expanse

Amazon breathed a new life into the canceled TV show The Expanse. The Expanse is a sci-fi TV show about a police detective in the asteroid belt who’s the first ever police in the space colony to discover a conspiracy leading to the beginning of the cold war. 

Sneaky Pete

Marius is released from jail to join a well-planned safari, where he becomes a trophy, and not by accident. He manages to reunite with his prison cell-mate Pete who drags him into his estranged family. Somehow it happens that the calm life Marius tried to chase stays only in his dreams.   


This TV show gets its inspiration from Michael Connelly novels and delivers an old-fashioned detective drama. Harry Bosch is a leading actor who is a Los Angeles police detective, haunted by the death of his mother. During the show he investigates common cases with her murder simultaneously.  

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Guess where the action takes place? Right, in New York. And the story is about a young woman that’s got everything an average `50s housewife could desire, but she leaves everything behind in order to become a stand up comic. 

The Terror

The Terror is an anthology series that features an infamous or mysterious real life historical tragedy each season. The first part will be about Jared Harris who is the captain of Arctic explorer ships that finds itself stuck in the ice. The crew discovers not only that the ship ends up in the ice but also a monstrous polar bear-like predator.


When you finally find out what the Fleabag show is, you won’t apologise to yourself. Phoebe Waller-Bridge writes and stars in the play-turned extraordinary comedy series. A 30-something woman who runs a cafe lives a sex-filled life with a sense of humor that hides the tragedies she hasn’t yet come to terms with. 


The word “catastrophe” here stands for chaotic and messy people, but not for the accidental pregnancy of the Irish girl, Sharon, with American boy Rob. After the business trip in London has finished, the pregnancy test has been done, and the decision to move to the UK is a logical step. But the trouble is, both characters don’t know a thing about each other.