Thriverapp does a lot, but you’ll do even more

Hey, please, be careful there. Don’t get lost on the internet while seeking grains of motivation. Of course, there you’ll find a lot of articles, books, motivating videos, as well meeting with confusion. When you receive all this information you simply don’t know what to do with it and, as a result, you’ll lose your motivation while attempting to integrate all this knowledge into your life. That’s why you need Thriver+.

Thriver+ is an application created to push you to do something if you want to change your life. You’ll get a full kit of different instruments that help you to build your best life. Imagine yourself as a builder? Yes, the app doesn’t have the power to force you to start doing something in a physical way. However, it’ll do it more accurately with a ton of notifications and an AI-Powered Life Coach with different levels of support. 

You will access materials, books, videos, life improving habits, from some of  the world’s most exceptional people like Oprah, Tim Ferriss, Gretchen Rubin, Albert Einstein, Richard Branson, and in the app they are called as heroes. That doesn’t mean you’re going to steal their personalities but you do gain clues about how they achieved success.

A lot of information demands a filter. Our brains won’t measure where a harmful or useful article is if you adjust an unstoppable stream of content into your brain. Thriver+ promises to get rid of that pain. The app will sort out all your podcasts, blogs, books, inspirational quotes, and other stuff for you. All you have to do is to do – Just Do It mode is on.

Thriverapp is a platform where you can search, browse, and save content you find useful. Create your own list of good habits you’ve borrowed from heroes. For those who know that they need some extra control, don’t worry about that. Thriver+ has got an in-app personalised life coach – Max – who’ll help you integrate all the useful habits into your life.

Who is Max? He’s not a human mentor, but he’s a very persistent  AI-powered life coach. He’ll sort all information for you and prepare all relevant content that can help you to reach success. You can adjust Max and as the company says to give him a personality, but as we say, you have control depending on your self-organisation skills. 

Max Personalities: 

  • Mad Maxif you believe the developers, Mad Max will totally comply with his name. He will send you more than six notifications a day and some of them could be touchy reminders to put aside your lame excuses.  
  •  Motivational Max – it’s a motivational friend you’re trying to catch up with. Three notifications per day will be enough to motivate you for a nice day’s work. 
  •  Moderate Max – one symbolic notification per day will keep you on your toes. Also, you know where to find him if you need him.
  •  Mellow Max – is the most loyal of all. He’ll send you weekly updates, to be sure you’re doing well.

Thriver+ will embed the notion in your daily routine that an action can become a habit within 21 days, it’s called a 21-day Five2Thrive

 Challenge. The rule relates to both bad and good habits. Really, who needs bad habits, we’re here to evolve, right? The app will teach you how to gain only good habits.

As part of the 21-Day Five2Thrive  Challenge Team you will receive:

  • Motivational notifications 
  • Triggers and reminders from Max
  • In-app rewards
  • Nudges and motivation from fellow ‘F2T challengers’
  • Daily videos

Wrapping up

My personal experience shows me that all self-motivating things are only instruments which you have to use properly in order to change anything. Besides, when you have a spare minute to look up on the internet “How to reach success” you’ll receive a waterfall of content. 

Nobody will help you to arrange it in a working system. Success loves systematic planning and Thriver+ is the thing that’ll teach you how to organise all the information you’ll get. My sceptical personality trusts this app because it’s a well polished instrument that screams to you “get me, I will teach you everything” so you only need to get it and start working. I remind you everything is up to you. You can support Thriverapp on Kickstarter right now and get some tasty bonuses from developers. See ya!