When we talk about the best iOS compatible games, things become more logical after Epic’s attempt to sue Apple for their unfair 30 percent cut. Now we understand why the majority of games on AppStore have got a price tag, affordable as they are. Besides, the iOS library of games can show off many exclusives that’ll never be available for Android.If you have an Apple device, here is a bunch of really awesome games that’ll greedily steal your spare time.

Among Us!

Free to play

Among Us is an online multiplayer game created by studio InnerSloth. When you play the game for the first time it seems to be simple, but that’s right before the voting starts. 

In the game, you have to switch on your deduction skills because you and your crewmates have got the mission of finding the Imposter. You start the game in a spaceship where the host of the server set some rules before the game. He can adjust the running speed, light sensitivity, and how many Imposters will be in a game. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re the Imposter or a Crewmate, the game is totally worth playing.

Kingdom Two Crowns


Kingdom Two Crowns is a side-scrolling micro strategy game. The game literally shows that a guy with a crown and a bunch of money can make the best of his life. You start the game as a knight on a horse that keeps a pocket with endless money. This source you will spend on passing by pedestrians who will do your buildings. 

When the sun hides behind the horizon, you and your army have to resist the horde of ghouls. These creatures come from the portal at the end of the sliding map and you have to meet them in a battle for your majesty. 

The game is a great example of how good sometimes minimalistic pixel artwork can entertain. It’s the right choice for those who like building and strategies.



INKS. is a refreshed take on an old pinball game created by State of Play Games. The game revives your sense of nostalgia and gives you the opportunity to feel something new. Your fingers will restore the muscle memory for how to ping that ball around the canvas. 

Every time the ball smashes colored blocks, you can see how beautifully the bursts of paint are as they dance in different combinations.

If you’ve never played pinball before, INKS. is a good thing to try out.

Bullet Echo

Free to play

Bullet Echo is a player-versus-player tactical shooter where all the action happens in the dark. Your only option for clear sight is your flashlight with a default range of light. It’s a stealth game where you have to wander dark arenas seeking enemies. The delicious part is that your flashlight can go off and you need to trust your ears. You’ll hear footsteps as well as gunshots. You must find your ideal recovery tactic to find all opponents. 

The game gives you a choice between characters with unique abilities and you can play alone, with friends, or to connect the game. 

Alto’s Odyssey

Free to play

Alto’s Odyssey is a vivid example of the endless runner video game with snowboarding elements developed by Team Alto. The whole game stands for the meditative effect and not competing, though you can complete tasks that’ll help you to open other characters with different snowboarding skills. I recommend you to open the llama. Have you ever seen a llama on the board? 

Pay attention to how the harmonic palate colors change with landscapes and, of course, try to play with headphones on. Besides, for those who are seeking relief at the end of the day try to play Dzen Mode.



Blek is a puzzle game created by Kunabi Brothers. In the game, you need to draw a line that’ll collect all colored circles, but not black ones. The rules are simple but the puzzles are not. Every time you draw a line, it repeats your moves on the board so you need to pay attention to your further moves. 

Death Road to Canada


Death Road to Canada is a 2D zombie slasher game developed by Rocketcat. The game is a trip adventure generated by AI. Everything is generated by AI: locations, events, survivors, zombies, and skills. Every time you start a new game, the story will be different from yesterday’s. 

In the game, you need to find the same losers like you, all of who are trying to survive against the crowds of zombies. On the way from Florida to Canada, you have to seek teammates, manage the tough dialogues between strangers, and find special events and unique recruits. 

I like the way AppStore enumerates features of the game, so I left it here.


– Designed for massive amounts of replay value.

– Character Maker lets you put friends and family into the game.

– Meet your custom characters during your travels. Get them eaten by mistake, or on purpose.

– Make tough choices in text events that change depending on your group.

– Your team has different personalities, and someone may betray the others. Be careful!

– Lots and lots of secret events and unique characters with special abilities.

– Equip a wide variety of different weapons. Splat zombies with a flamethrower, battleax, hockey stick, wizard staff (lightning bolt), Mjolnir, boomerang, and much more.

– Canada jokes written by a real Canadian so they’re 100% accurate.

– Get rid of all humans and make an entire team composed of dogs driving the car.

– Airhorn weapon with incredibly realistic, computer-generated airhorn sounds.

Asphalt 9: Legends

Free to play

Asphalt 9: Legends is the offspring of the iconic Asphalt series developed by Gameloft Barcelona. I used to play this game on my Sony Ericsson k320i and it’s hot as hell. Gorgeous cars, the sense of speed, challenging competitors; all these features are mixed into one game. Over the years, the game has evolved into something more complicated. It currently has 105 cars of different classes and rarity ratings. You can customize your car in the editor cabinet. Also, you can team-up into a club and score reputation points to get a reward.



Florence is an interactive storybook developed by the Australian studio Mountains. This game genre is very sensitive and gentle. The whole game relies on a narrative because the boring story means defeat and bad points for the game.

It is not about Florence because the game is firmly good. In the game, you follow the story of 25-year-old Florence Yeoh but in 20 different chapters that describe the main events that happened in her life. You’re asked to solve puzzles and different mini-games so the narrative can move on. 

Florence is a must-play game because it’s not even a game, but a short cartoon. You’ll not notice the moment when you’ve stopped sensing this content as a game and you’ll believe in this story empathizing with your character.



Gris is a side-platform game developed by Spanish indie developer Nomada Studio. The game looks like a piece of art in gaming form. It’s a rare example of when the developer finds this golden middle between sound and image. And this mix of art engages and sticks you to the screen till the end of the game.

As a platformer game, GRIS offers you a fairly standard kit of interactions: you move, jump, and collect. This game, however, is not about the gaming process from the very beginning. When you launch, GRIS it aims at your emotional part after you press the start button. 

Scrabble Go

Free to play

It’s the virtual relative of the classical board game Scrabble. The difference between physical and digital games is that in the second one you can play against people from all over the world and not stick to your friend or relatives. 

Spring Falls


Spring Falls is a puzzle game created by Sparse Game Development Inc. The game is about erosion – the natural phenomenon we used to study about in Geography lessons. You need to manipulate landscapes so the flowers can grow. You adjust the waterfalls’ direction so the water can feed plants.

The game has 60 levels of peaceful meditation. As a result, you’ll spend some hours playing a puzzle you have never played before. 

Desert Golfing


Desert Golfing is an endless – with an end – game where you hit a ball with a golf club. The game continues from the moment you can physically knock the ball out of the landscape. 

The game has got a sense until you find out it’s endless. Truthfully speaking, it has got an end, I`ve seen the gameplay on YouTube. However, it doesn’t change the fact that the game can become very tedious. There are no dynamic scenes, but challenges will increase in their complexity. Desert Golfing is a meditative game like Altos Odyssey. It’s satisfying to watch the game to calm you down with every hit.

Fallout Shelter

Free to play

Fallout Shelter is a free-to-play simulation video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios. The game is based in the Fallout universe, where all citizens are living, or surviving, in a post-apocalyptic world. In Fallout Shelter, you have to arrange the living space under the ground so their Vault citizens can be happy, healthy, and reproduce with other citizens. They need to rescue dwellers from the outer world, stock energy sources such as power, food, and water, and fight against radioactive animals.

The game’s got a lot of tasks to do, so you can entertain yourself while the #room_name is constructing or your dweller went above to explore the blasted surface left behind and seek adventure


Free to play

Inside is a puzzle-platformer adventure game developed by Playdead. You’ll join the game as an unnamed boy who lives in a black-white-grey world and only he has the other color – red. There are no innovative things in the game process because it’s a platformer. It does keep you under tension with its silent and dark atmosphere. 

Plague Inc.


Plague Inc. is a real-time strategy developed by Ndemic Creations. This IGN comment describes this game better than a thousand words: “Killing billions has never been so fun”. Indeed, in this game, you’re a deadly and ambitious pathogen that keeps evolving until the human race disappears. The game uses an epidemic model with a complex and realistic set of variables to simulate the spread and severity of the plague.

You can literally create your own pandemic even stronger than we have right now.

PUBG Mobile

Free to play

PUBG Mobile is an online battle royale game developed by PUBG Corporation. You’re already aware of what the royal battle format is like, but I’ll remind you. 100 players are fighting on one map so that only one player will survive in the deathmatch. You can join several battle modes and play solo, duo, or in a small team of up to four people. By the way, PUBG is the father of this player’s parachuting trend.

Thumper: Pocket Edition


Thumper is a rhythm game developed and published by Drool. This polished metal object is perhaps a beetle that rides along the track teleporting through various worlds. You press a button when the beetle hits a lit “note”. Also, pay attention to the background music because It can hint to you when you need to tap on the screen.