Conducting or participating in a video meeting is no longer a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when.’ Several organizations are beginning to realize the economic potential and flexibility that comes with online meetings and activities. On the other hand, individuals have to cope with the challenges of being formal in an informal setting. However, with the best webcam face changer online, you can take full control of output and experience. Rather than use your live webcam, you can replace it with a virtual replacement that allows you to select your primary output format. This can be an image, digital objects, a picture with effects, or a video. We have compiled the top 3 best webcam face changer online.

Cam Mask

CamMask can switch between thousands of specialized effects to inject fun into the conversation

This online face changer infuses your webcam with many exciting functions that can transform your video experience. You can switch between thousands of specialized effects to inject fun into the conversation. There are multiple output categories that you can choose from, including a picture gallery, video gallery, gradient or solid background, or your desktop.

Tons of Specialized Effects

On the website, you have access to thousands of interesting effects at no extra charge. There are filter effects for changing the brightness and coloration of images and videos. With the distortion effects, you can easily adjust the size and shape of pictures. Other effects include borders, particles, and animations.

Replace Your Background with Ease

Sometimes, it becomes boring when you are in an online conversation, especially when the topic does not resonate with you. With this best webcam face changer online, you can make your background more exciting. For instance, you can use movie clippings, studios, and beautiful nature shots.

Infuse Doodle Features into your Webcam

This is another option to make your conversation funnier. If you are a fan of calligraphy or graffiti, here is a chance to flex your drawing skills. In the toolbar section, you can use the paintbrush, stamp, eraser, and fill tools.

Add Date and Text Highlights

When it comes to the stunts you can pull on your webcam, there is no end. Your imagination is what limits you. You can add the date, time, and whatever text that shows professionalism. If you desire, you can adjust text color and size. Also, it allows scrolling text.

Capture Fleeting Moments without Stress

This virtual webcam comes with an intuitive “snapshot” button for taking pictures and videos during an online video conversation. These captured file formats will save directly to your ‘Recordings’ manager. From there, you can view them seamlessly and share them across your social media platforms.

Alter Cam

AlterCam allows you to add various features to your video before releasing the output. Image credit: altercam.com

This best webcam face changer online is an installable software that you can use virtually. It allows you to add various features to your video before releasing the output. Also, it receives input from multiple sources. You can change the settings to make AlterCam your preferred webcam. The package is available on the website.

Insert your logo into the video output

This feature makes more sense during professional discussions and conferences. It gives you the chance to showcase your brand where it matters. You have sufficient flexibility to place your logo wherever you desire on the screen. Moreover, the process is simple and seamless.

Add text designs for a better experience

With its text overlay feature, AlterCam allows you to include your text content wherever and whenever you desire. These texts will come in front of the video output without constituting a nuisance. Besides, this is vital when you have foreign clients who do not understand your language.

Share your desktop screen smoothly

As you proceed in the conversation, you might need to project your desktop screen to other members of the screen. AlterCam gives you the freedom to select only the portion of the screen that you want to show. Also, you can easily reside and share the whole screen.

Switch your video background easily

This best webcam face changer online allows you to choose between its two background options. For the first highlight, you can draw your webcam over other pictures. This is also known as webcam underlay. For the second choice, you can add nice frames to your video.

Customize your image and video effects

There are many interesting effects that you can add to your webcam for more fun while discussing. In the “avatar” effect, you turn your face color into blue. On the other hand, the “Shrek” effect reddens your face and video feed. The “Mosaic” highlight allows you to hide your face.


FaceRig replaces your face with animated character. Image credit: store.steampowered.com

If you are looking for the best webcam face changer online that is versatile and offers lots of interesting features, FaceRig is your ideal platform. It provides the opportunity to participate in video conversations, design funny books, create multidimensional avatars, and stream online meetings. As an open-source platform,  artists, designers, and individuals can simply plug in their designs and characters.

Replace your face with animated video

Rather than show your face to other members of the meeting, you can embody the characters of your choice. These characters range from animate objects like cats to inanimate objects. You can select from the numerous avatars available. However, if you want something unique, you can quickly design yours. Besides, you can create new props and backgrounds to suit your preferences.

Seamless integration into your webcam

FaceRig is easy to integrate into your video discussions. It has a feature to record vlogs and post them into your output feed immediately. With other exciting highlights, you can transform the meeting into a fun hub. The amount of personalization possible is just amazing.

Enjoy different FaceRig flavors

FaceRig has three major flavors that you can select from – Classic, Pro, and Studio. The FaceRig Classic flavor is suitable for home use. It allows you to keep track of all your online activities. The FaceRig Pro flavor allows you to place adverts that can generate revenue. Lastly, the FaceRig Studio flavor is ideal for business owners that use mo-cap tracking. Also, it has downloadable professional software.


One of the advantages of a virtual webcam is when your laptop has no real webcam. The best webcam face changer online allows you to participate in online meetings without the restriction of a real webcam. Moreover, you can present files that are not dependent on cameras like pitch decks, pictures, and recorded videos. You can give an extensive explanation to drive home your points. Not only that, you can insert visual cues to enhance focus and understanding. Like we mentioned above, CamMask, AlterCam, and FaceRig are credible solutions to improve your fun and professional appearance during online meetings.