Are you tired of lugging your laptop in one bag, and having everything else in a separate backpack? Luckily, there are plenty of tech-friendly backpacks out there to lighten the load. They are specifically designed for carrying all of your essentials while also protecting the electronics inside. 

In this article, we’ve gathered some of the best models which not only look stylish, but also have an array of pretty awesome features, such as theft protection, hidden zippers, charging ports, and more. Read on and choose one for yourself or a loved one!

Important Reasons to Get a Backpack for Your Gadgets

They Are More Practical

Since gadget bags are specifically designed to store multiple pieces of tech, they make all kinds of practical sense. There are special compartments, pockets, and cubbies for anything that may otherwise get lost or knotted up with the other stuff in a regular backpack. What’s more, you can easily access the things you need inside these backpacks or see what’s actually in your bag, keeping it all perfectly organized.

And More Comfortable

Tech bags are made of quality, durable, and breathable materials that provide an extra level of comfort. The shoulder straps are usually thick padded, so the weight of carrying your gear is evenly distributed on your back. Also, most tech backpacks are made of breathable fabrics and foam to prevent lots of heat being created against your body, especially if you’re carrying a laptop inside. 

Further, because there are many compartments you’ll never actually overpack the bag, so the load will be distributed better. Having a well-designed backpack prevents you from getting any posture problems or pain in your back.

And Even Multifunctional

When buying a gadget-friendly bag you get a solidly built backpack with an incredible number of places to store things. At the same time, you’re buying a multifunctional tool to recharge your gadgets, protect them from water, and keep them safe. In fact, a gadget-friendly backpack is the best option for students, businessmen, and digital nomads to keep their stuff organized, whilst not sacrificing on style. 

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Things to Consider When Choosing your Gadget Backpack

Its Load Capacity

When picking a tech-friendly backpack, check if it meets the functionality you need. First of all, think of the tech you’re going to be taking with you. Is it just a laptop and a smartphone, or maybe a camera with accessories too? Depending on what you’re going to load the bag up with, choose one that’s got a suitably sized main compartment — is there enough space for all of your gadgets? What about easy-to-access pockets? In other words — know your storage scheme and choose a backpack accordingly. Finally, have a look if there are extra pockets to keep all your cables or a mouse secure and prevent the gadgets from rubbing.

Its Durability

The best tech-gear backpacks are made of highly durable materials that don’t get easily buffed, scratched, or even torn. It’s especially important for tech that may get damaged easily, such as camera lenses or audio kit. Besides, check if the material used is water-resistant and can protect your gear from the elements – you don’t want your laptop getting soaked as you dash through the rain There should at least be some waterproof parts, such as zippers to protect your gadgets from a deluge.

Its Security

Security is the next thing you should bear in mind when choosing how to store your valuable gadgets. Can you put a lock on the backpack? Are there any hidden zippers? Look for anti-theft options to protect the items from any kind of threats. Determine what are the security features of the bag before purchasing it. You’re looking for something that’s going to make your everyday activities easier, not just another, normal bag.

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The Best Gadget Backpacks On The Market

The North Face Recon Laptop Book Backpack

The North Face is a leading name in the backpack industry, so their 29 Liter Recon Backpack is one of the top gadget backpacks on the market. It’s one of the iconic models, that includes two mesh pockets that are meant for water bottles but can be used just as easily to put your cellphone in so it’s always handy. There’s a fleece-lined pocket where your delicate, glass-screened tech such as tablets can go, along with an extendable stash pocket up front and an array of lash points in the form of a daisy chain. 

To make sure your posture will be fine, no matter the tech load, the top handle is well padded, there’s a strap that goes across your chest that comes with a handy whistle buckle, plus an optional waist belt; there to add comfort when you’ve got extra pounds strapped to your back.

The North Face Recon Laptop Book Backpack. Image credit: Amazon

The main compartment is really roomy; there’s plenty of space for anything you need to be taking with you like your books and binders. The front compartment has little sections for you organize your bits and bobs like pens and cables, you get a sleeve for your tablet with extra padding, plus the zips on the pockets offer extra security. 

Besides all of that, a FlexVent suspension system and injection-moulded straps with a padded mesh back panel serve as a perfect combination for heavy packers for better heavy load management. It weighs only 2.65 pounds and there is an array of different colors to choose from. This piece of kit costs $119, which puts it into the category of quality backpacks under $100. Get your hands on it if you’re looking for unbeatable quality and amazing customer service.

Targus CityLite Pro Secure Compact Backpack

The Targus CityLite Pro Secure backpack is a great option for travelers who carry laptops measuring up to 15.6 inches. This backpack has an interior file divider and two zippered compartments, a hideaway bottle pocket, organizational pockets for other essentials, plus an RFID blocking pocket, making sure cards and key fobs can’t be cloned. Besides, it is equipped with zippers that are close to your back, so someone can’t open it while you’re wearing it. Basically, there is no front access to your belongings: this keeps your items safe, and it also makes for a really cool look. 

Targus CityLite Pro Secure Compact Backpack. Video credit: Amazon

Water resistance is dealt with by the rugged base which is made out of a special material to keep out the damp and rain – no more soggy bag when you’ve had to put in on the train floor after it’s been raining. The special base also gives the bag structural integrity, meaning it will stay standing when you do put it on the floor, so no more tipping over followed by the dread of a smashed screen. The straps are great too, they’re ergonomically designed with well-contoured shoulder sections and a chest strap to take some of the strain.

The backpack is pretty lightweight; it’s only 2.1 pounds, with a capacity of 13 liters. This item is cheaper than the one from the North Face, retailing at $110. The backpack can be easily converted into a briefcase due to the tuck-away padded shoulder straps. All in all, it’s a great option for those who value style as well as functionality.

Targus CityLite Pro Secure Compact Backpack. Image credit: Amazon

Kopack Waterproof Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

The Kopack waterproof, anti-theft backpack is one of the best models available due to its various anti-theft features. There is, for instance, a hidden zipper, secret pocket, and cut-proof fabric. Besides, there are also luggage straps to connect it to rolling luggage, which is great if you’re a traveller, plus an external USB port for charging a mobile phone or any other USB-enabled device. There are no zippers or pockets at the front of the backpack, so top-notch safety is guaranteed.

Kopack Waterproof Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack. Image credit: Amazon

There is also a silica bag included which prevents your belongings from any moisture in case of rain, and a hidden back pocket for your passport and other valuables or travel documents. In addition, the bag is made of water-resistant, anti-scratch, durable fabric which is also extremely lightweight.

The total weight is 1.94 pounds, which makes it the lightest in our list and at the same time, it’s the cheapest too. The starting price point is just $50. We recommend this durable and practical backpack for those who are serious about keeping their gadgets secure and travel a lot.

Wrapping Up

Nowadays, we are carrying more and more expensive gear with us, so it is essential to own a tech-friendly backpack. Some of them are not only suitable for transporting your gadgets, but may also be able to charge them and act as a safe place for other valuables with their anti-theft protection. 

We’ve shared the main reasons to get a gadget-friendly backpack and some advice on picking the right one. So, if you’re off on your journey, looking for the best gadget bag, we hope you’ll now find it much easier to find the one which fits your needs. Anyway, pick the backpack that makes you happy! For more gadget reviews, tech news and leaks, follow us for updates and find necessary hi-tech products easily!