Electric vehicles are changing the face of transportation forever. With that said, each of us is now able to own a personal transportation device which is not only affordable, but also environmentally-friendly. With the emergence of e-bikes, hoverboards, and segways we no longer need to have a driving license to ride one, spend money on petrol, or having regular maintenance check-ups. 

Besides, governments around the world are well on the way to implementing new driving rules for electric vehicles, while big corporations are speeding through research and development to bring to market new modes of transport. So, what are the main types of electric vehicles and which models are worth your attention?

We are here to guide you through the world of electric personal transportation devices, and share the best ones, that we highly recommend you to try out.

Best Personal Transportation Vehicles of 2019

Driven by rapid technological advancements, social attitudes, and climate change concerns we now have a whole lot of electric personal transporters. A few years back, our choice was limited to a pricey segway or an e-bike, but today we may feel bogged down with the choices and have a hard time deciding which vehicle to opt for. 
Here’s an overview of the main types of electric personal transportation devices. Bookmark and use this guide to easily choose your new wheels.

Electric Bicycles

Did Freddie ever imagine that his famous “I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike” lyric would be applicable to a person of any age or physical shape? With the emergence of e-bikes, people of all age groups and health conditions, even those with low stamina or other health disabilities, are able to enjoy peaceful bike rides just the same as on a regular bike. 

E-Bike. Image credit: E-Mountainbike

Even better, older age is also no longer the obstacle it once was. E-bikes come in all the variations you get with normal bikes, including racing and mountain bikes, cargo bikes, and others. The price range varies a lot, from a few hundred to thousands of dollars, depending on the bike’s specifications. They are somewhat bulky and heavy, compared to other electric vehicles, but for us, their advantages far outweigh their mass.


  • Can be used without electric assistance
  • Achieve higher speeds than regular bikes
  • Great for those with health issues


  • Heavier than conventional bikes
  • Need more specialized, complex parts for repairs
  • Have confusing legal status

We Recommend You Try…

Canyon Spectral:ON 9.0 electric mountain bike was considered to be the “Best Value” by E-MOUNTAINBIKE Magazine in February 2019. It comes equipped with powerful, four-piston brakes, DT Swiss HX1501 wheels (a mix of a 29″ front wheel and a 27.5″ rear wheel) and Fox Factory front and rear suspension. The bike is equipped with a Shimano STEPS E8000 motor and has several modes, including a Trial and a Boost one. 

The battery in the Spectral:ON is semi-integrated into the down tube, with the external one lighter, which results in a lower centre of gravity. As an extra bonus, there’s a special bottle cage developed by Canyon, that enables you to fit a water bottle in the front triangle despite the external battery. On top of that, the bike has a special saddle for more uphill support. The protruding lip at the back of the saddle offers improved pelvic support, and also means you’re less likely to slide off the back when you’re going uphill.

Canyon Spectral:ON 9.0 Image credit: E-Mountainbike

Being one of the most affordable (starting at $7019), yet a top-quality e-mountain bike, the Canyon offers a brilliant balance and fun handling, with options to enjoy every kind of eMTB adventure. 


  • precise, balanced, and very agile handling
  • top-notch quality
  • excellent value for money


  • saddle may be too wide for some riders on a descent

The Monowheel

The monowheel is an electric rideable that provides you with a unique riding experience; different to any other electrical transportation device. It’s reliable to use, but requires some time to get used to it. 

Inmotion V10.

Arguably, monowheels are the type of electric vehicles that require the most skills, such as self-balancing, and can be harder to learn to operate than any other types of electric rideables. While some can be easily packed in your backpack and carried around, the others are pretty heavy, yet more stable. The heavier models are usually equipped with a handle, to simply roll the device around as you move.


  • Hands-free, intuitive controls 
  • Highly portable
  • Easy to store


  • Can be pricey
  • Needs time to get the hang of it

We Recommend You Try…

InMotion V10F is one of the most advanced electric unicycles. The device is able to hit speeds up to 40 km/h, while you can travel up to a 55-62 mile range (89 -100km). The motor power is 2000W and a full charging session takes up to 8 hours. 

The V10F weighs around 260 pounds (117 kg) and is equipped with a wide tyre that’s perfectly suited for off-road use. Besides, there are large comfortable pedals covered with rubber and a foldable handle that lets you push your unicycle similar to a trolley or suitcase. On top of that, there is an anti-spinning button under the handle, preventing unwanted spin out.

InMotion V10F

The V10F was engineered considering weight distribution, so you can mount and dismount with ease and stop & go in total comfort. V10F’s users can also enjoy their favorite music with high-quality, built-in stereo speakers. Starting at $1999, it’s a perfect choice for students on the go, or those looking to enjoy a scenic ride over the weekend. Once you start riding yours, you can use advanced in-app statistics to track your performance and usage habits.


  • Wide tire
  • A strong front lamp for night riding
  • Adjustable handlebar and foldable pedals


  • Long charging time

The Segways

Segway is one of the best electric transportation devices for kids and elderly people. There are different types; some are hands-free, while others are equipped with a handle or even offer an optional seat. On top of that, there are special mini models for kids which are suitable in size and are more lightweight than regular ones.  

The Segway miniLITE. Image credit: New Atlas

At the same time, segways are of great help for those who are recovering from injuries and need to move around outdoors. Mini models are perfect for people with disabilities.


  • Suitable for those having trouble keeping balance
  • Safe and easy to ride even for elderly people


  • Relatively slow compared to other electric vehicles
  • Not as versatile on different road surfaces

We Recommend You Try…

Being one of the latest electric personal transportation devices, Segway miniLITE is fully kid-friendly. With a bunch of safety features and a max speed of 10mph parents no longer need to worry about their kids riding around. The device is designed for kids under 16 and the maximum weight capacity for the miniLITE is around 175 pounds (78.9 kg).

Segway MiniLITE. Image credit: Segway

The miniLITE is UL-2272 certified and meets the high standards of fire and electrical safety set by world-renowned, global safety science company underwriters laboratories. Besides, Segway is famous for their high safety standards. For instance, miniLITE has a high self-balancing functionality and, due to the fact that kids are riding a heavier vehicle relative to their size, their riding is more stable and secure. An extra safety feature is the limitation of the Segway only being able to function at a gradient of 10 degrees, compared to the standard 15 degrees on other models. This is a great additional safety feature for the miniLITE, keeping kids safer if they come across steeper terrain.

The max distance the miniLITE can get off a single charge is only 11 miles (17.7 km). It gives 1 hour of fun riding, while the estimated charge time is approximately 3 hours. You can buy the Segway miniLITE for $399.99.


  • Off-road capabilities
  • Great battery life
  • Amazing safety features
  • Folding handle


  • No anti-theft device
  • Lacks a bright headlight

Motorized Surfboards

A motorized surfboard is a great device for adrenaline-seekers who want to combine traditional surfing with the power of jet ski. An electric surfboard allows you to enjoy cruising above the water’s surface even on flat days, and is a perfect choice for those that want to give surfing a try. 

Electric Carbon Fiber Surfboard. Image credit: Worthpin

Instead of using the power of waves, a motorized surfboard uses the power of an engine, which means no relying on the weather or a current. Coming in a lot of different designs and colors, some are even inflatable, which means they can be folded or deflated for transportation. The others come with a solid construction and have to be carried in one piece.


  • Easy to operate
  • Possible to use on waveless days
  • Can go very fast


  • Requires some getting used to at first
  • Can be quite heavy
  • Weaker batteries last up to 15-20 minutes

We Recommend You Try…

Awake RAVIK  is one of the new electric transportation devices, that are aimed at bringing you a unique experience. Whether or not you are familiar with surfing, and no matter if there are any waves at the bay, Awake RAVIK is a good choice.

Due to the 11 kW electric power source, the board speed reaches up to 30 knots/56 kph in mere seconds. The battery is replaceable and works up to 40 minutes nonstop.

Awake RAVIK. Image credit: New Atlas

You can download a convenient application that’ll inform you of your battery life, estimated riding time, and a quick-start guide for your jet surfboard. In addition, based on your riding style or your mood on a particular day, the app will provide you with four rider modes. 

You’ll also get current temperature data and in case you get too enthusiastic riding the waves, an integrated LED indicator will let you know when it’s time to head back to shore. On top of that, the system will automatically turn off if the board is turned upside down. You can get yours at $21302 lowest.


  • Makes surfing more fun
  • Convenient to use app
  • A wireless throttle 


  • The fun doesn’t last long
  • Too pricey

The Onewheel

Electric boards or onewheels are known for bringing a “surging on land” experience. They are powerful enough for taking on hills or climbs and can be used both as a daily commuter or as a fun device to use on the beach or playing around in a field. Basically, you’ll not have a hard time learning to ride it if you’ve ever experienced skateboarding or snowboarding.

GeoBlade. Image credit: Esist

Simply by shifting your weight you’re able to maintain the right balance or make turns. The electric motor housed inside the wheel will help you to keep balance and have a smooth ride.


  • Easy to learn and ride due to the adjustable power modes
  • Rides on every terrain
  • The riding experience resembles snowboarding


  • The limited range makes it less suitable for commutes
  • Takes time to get used to the way it’s driven

We Recommend You Try…

GeoBlade is considered to be one of the best personal transportation devices, and here’s why. This one wheeled, electric board has a sleek design, LED lights and built-in Bluetooth speakers. With a maximum speed of 15mph, you can comfortably cruise or carve. In addition, it’s pretty cheap when compared to competitors, with the starting price of $1495. An electric board is equipped with a single 10-inch tire-wheel at the center, a 500W brushless DC motor and one 180Wh lithium-ion battery that gives it about an 8-mile range, with 2.5 hours of charging to fill the battery up. For extra safety, and to prevent overheating, the batteries are removable. 

GeoBlade. Image credit: Startup Hero

The operating is relatively easy. By leaning forward you accelerate, while leaning back reduces your speed. The best part is that the board comes with a cool light display that you can program, great for late night riding. 

With the board itself, you can also get an extra GeoBlade LIDAR-Battery pack, an extra Magsafe battery charger, and a spare skid pad set for a competitive price.


  • Easy to use
  • Has a futuristic design
  • Capable of using at dark


  • Has many plastic parts which may not be durable
  • The tire is quite narrow
  • A steep learning curve 

Wrapping Up and Revealing Our Favorite Device

The world of electric transportation devices has completely changed our lives. Those activities, previously available only to healthy and fit people, are now available for people of all age groups and health conditions. 

No matter where you’re going, or what type of ground you’re going to be covering, you can do it all on a onewheel, e-bike, or even an electric board. With that said, we’re ready to announce our absolute favorite electric transportation device of 2019! 


Sure, we are fans of bike riding and surfing (to be honest, only one of our team members surfs, be we all wish we could), but we are truly excited by the new Segway innovation for kids. MiniLITE is an advanced hoverboard, with extra safety features, a relatively cheap price,  and a good top speed; it’s one of the best electric transportation devices that a child or teenager can have. Besides, it’s a great driveable to enjoy cruising around with as a family!

Finally, we’re expecting a lot of new electric transportation devices to emerge in the near future and change the way we move around even more. Follow our updates to learn about all innovations and tech news at one point! More cool info is in the pipeline!