Whether photography is just a hobby for you or you shot professionally, monopods and tripods are aimed at making your life better. Yet, if you’re still hesitating, or if you need an excuse, read our reasons to get a monopod and tips and tricks on how to choose one. Also, we’ve included a range of different models, which we’ve tested ourselves for a while. So, check out our review and choose the best tool for your shoots!

Top Reasons to Buy a Monopod Or a Tripod

They’re Great

Whether or not you’re involved in sports or wildlife photography, requiring you to stay in one place or to be confined to one area, a monopod will make your pictures sharper and more accurate. It provides your camera with stabilization and, as a result, you get better pics everytime.

Really Great

A monopod gives you an opportunity to film amazing time-lapse videos and take wonderful shots at low light, holding your lense steady during the exposure. Some people are even using their monopods as hiking sticks, but this is only for long, professional tools.

Did We Say They’re Great?

While you might not be able to use tripods everywhere, monopods are basically not banned from use in restricted areas or near main tourist attractions with high footfall. It means that by having a compact monopod handy you’ll be able to take great shots anywhere in the world.

How to Choose One? The Key Factors to Keep an Eye On

Now that we’ve shared the reasons why monopods and tripods are great tools for enhancing your photography experience, here’s a bunch of useful advice on what to pay attention to when buying one.  


Here are the things to look for in the monopod or a tripod. Firstly, the tool should be strong and stable. Basically, the sturdier it is the higher the chance that it’ll support the weight of your camera or smartphone. On top of that, if you are a wildlife photographer or happen to shoot some outdoor scenes at ground level — get a heavy and stable device and it’ll provide you with clear horizons and sharp pictures. Luckily, there are various models to choose from, with some lightweight ones that suitable for traveling, and more heavy models that will get the job done for serious photographers.

The Height

Next, consider how high your monopod or tripod will be able to go. What you have to do is to measure the distance from ground level up to where your eyes are. The length of the stick should be somewhere in between. 

Once you get the perfect height, it’ll protect your posture and the back from damage due to bending over too much. On top of that, shorter tools are easier to carry around and as a result — there is a higher chance you’ll want to take it with you and take beautiful pics, rather than leave at home because it’s an extra, heavy thing to carry around. And who wants that, right?


So, here comes the portability issue. The taller the tool is, the bigger it’ll be once collapsed. Smaller monopods as well as tripods are compact and can be easily transported wherever you go. The number of sections also influences the weight of the stand. So, before buying one, check how many sections there are. 

Tripods are equipped with three legs. While some of them are extremely lightweight and highly portable, others can weigh more than a regular one-legged monopod. At the same time, they are less expensive relative to monopods and can be a great option for the first-time-buyers.

Here’s the list of the best monopods of 2019. We’ve tested them all around the houses, took selfies and shot some funny videos (that hopefully will never go online) and here’s our verdict. Although they all have many things in common, they are suitable for different purposes. So, carry on and choose the one specifically for your needs.

The Best Monopods Of 2019

We’ve tested 5 great monopods and there is no quick answer to which one is the best (yet still, we’ve chosen our favorite one). We hope that this breakdown will make your choice easier, so keep on reading!

We’ve got our hands on 5 same-same, but different models.  Meet the Lapland Selfie Stick — the best monopod for both video and stills work, the London Portable Tripod — top gear for lightweight traveling, the Kyiv Selfie Stick and the New-York Selfie Stick, which are great tools for selfies, and the Paris Selfie Stick — a handy device for both selfies and stills work.

Lapland Selfie Stick

Read what they have in common and what’s different and check our short but comprehensive descriptions for each of the models.

What Do They Have in Common?

All of the tools come at an affordable price – lower than $40 – which makes each of them a great option for young photographers on a budget. At the same time, they all are made of high-quality aluminum and plastic, but could definitely be improved if made of carbon fiber, which is a stronger and more durable material. 

The models’ operating height ranges from 24 to 31 inches, while only the compact London tripod extends to 9.8 inches max. All of the tools have universal compatibility with most of the cameras and smartphones, but heavier cameras might be a little problematic to stabilize. 

Finally, all of the models have a load capacity of 35.2 ounces, which is a good weight for most shooters. 

What’s Different?

While the portable London tripod has only 2 sections, the rest of the stands have 4 to 7 sections, with the New York Selfie Stick extending up to 7 sections. Besides, the London Portable Tripod is especially lightweight and weighs only 3.2 ounces, while the rest of the models are heavier.

Also, bear in mind that Kyiv and New-York Selfie sticks can only be used as monopods, while the other models are a combination of both a monopod and a tripod, which gives you greater flexibility and choice.

Kyiv Selfie Stick

Who’s Who

So, to make it easier here’s a short rundown of each of the models.

  • Lapland Selfie Stick — Bluetooth equipped, hybrid monopod-tripod, great for long outdoor shoots and perfect for tall people. It’s the best monopod for travel.
  • London Portable Tripod — a strong, lightweight, and compact tripod, easy to carry around and simple to use.
  • Kyiv Selfie Stick — has a sweat-foam grip and is the perfect choice for selfies.
  • New-York Selfie Stick — an easy-to-set-up stick, great for fast action and portability.
  • Paris Selfie Stick — the best monopod for video shooting, it’s extremely easy to use and the top pick for YouTubers.

Editor’s Choice

After testing all of the options, we’ve finally made up our mind and gave one of the models the to billing in the list. The Lapland Selfie Stick is a 2 in 1 combo of monopod and tripod. It’s equipped with Bluetooth and is extendable up to 31 inches, which makes it well-suited for taller people. The remote control works from as far away as 32 ft, so you can shoot amazing wide-angled pics. During our tests, it proved to be a quality tool that you can rely on during your photo or video shooting sessions. It’s a perfect gimbal for your iPhone or any other smartphone you use.

Lapland Selfie Stick

The only downside is that it’s the heaviest model among the rest on our list. We’d definitely make it lighter than 7.7 ounces, as combined with a heavy camera it could be hard to carry the whole lot around.

Wrapping up

In many ways, monopods and tripods make photography and videography a more pleasant experience. While tripods stand on three legs, monopods have only one. So, when choosing the right tool for your needs, keep in mind its height and weight. It’s especially important for travel bloggers and those who plan to move around and carry the tool with them on trips. An appropriate height will prevent your arms and your back from bending too much and causing strains and pain. 

At the same time, check the stability level of the device and remember that more legs give you more stability. We’ve provided you with our list of the best, yet cheap models, so pick the one which you’ve liked the most!  Follow our updates and find all the necessary high-tech products easily!