Wearing a mask and social distancing are considered the two cornerstone protection methods for avoiding transmission of coronavirus while in public. For activities such as shopping for groceries, walks in the park, and spending time outdoors, a combination of a face mask, good hygiene, and physical distancing are all you need to avoid coronavirus infection.

On the other hand, visiting the doctor’s office, riding public transport, or staying indoors where physical distancing is practically impossible, puts you at a higher risk of infection. That’s when you wish you were wearing an electronic mask that offers significantly better protection than the standard face coverings used by many. 

Here’s an introduction to the top seven electronic masks on the market that offers much better protection than the standard masks in most shops. 

#1 Shangrui Smart Electric Respirator

According to the manufacturer, the mask can filter 99% particles such as viruses and chemicals. To make breathing feel natural, an electronic fan sucks the air and then runs it through a replaceable valve. Plus, there is a valve that makes exhaling feel natural. Unlike other masks featuring similar features, this mask makes breathing easy and unimpaired. 

#2 3M Large Thermoplastic Elastomer Half Mask 6000 Series

These masks were supposed to be available only to hospitals, but somehow they are now sold to anyone. The manufacturer claims that they can filter 99.7% of all airborne particles. The mask is soft, lightweight, and can be easily adjusted to fit any face. The 3M respirator is a reusable mask, whilst the only disposable parts are the filters/cartridges. 

#3 BoiMoe Electric Mask

The BoiMoe Electric Mask is one of the most comfortable electronic masks on the market. When fully charged, it can last for as long as six hours. This mask is made from the high-quality RoHS material and features a removable filter and a fan for air circulation. According to the manufacturer, it can filter 98% of the particles, including coronavirus particles. The BoiMoe Electric Mask sits comfortably on the face and can be practical for many outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, cycling, and so on. The air-flow has a natural feel, which is why this is such a popular mask. 

#4 Belovedone 4-Ply Rechargeable Electric Purifier

The Belovedone mask comes with a four-layer filter that can handle all sorts of harmful particles, even smaller than PM2.5. This respirator utilizes a rechargeable battery that can last from four to eight hours after being fully charged. The Belovedone mask is made of lightweight silicone that doesn’t put pressure on the face. 

#5 Smart Electric Mask by CoutureBridal

This double guard mask comes with a nano-tech air fabric that guarantees that it can stop 99.5% of all particles it filters. The Couture Bridal mask comes with a battery that can last between six to eight hours per charge. Other than its stylish appearance, it features a four-layer composite filter that makes sure you breathe the best possible air.

#6 Smart Electric Anti-Fog and Air Purification Mask by Qinnyo 

This Qinnyo made mask features a turbofan with adjustable three-speed mode, an inner wall made of stainless steel, ergonomic design, and a HEPA filter. The result of all that is 98% filtered air. The silicone part of the mask consists of food-grade material. The Qinnyo mask feels comfortable and doesn’t create any pressure on the face.

#7 BDWN Electronic Mask

BDWN’s electronic mask is one of the best on the market. Thanks to its activated carbon filter, it eliminates well over 99% of all potentially harmful particles that come your way. It can even block 0.1mm particles, and, aside from virus protection, it can protect you from pollen, smoke, dust, and other dangerous substances lurking in the air near you. 

In terms of use, this is a multipurpose mask that’s also suitable for a range of outdoor sports activities such as cycling, running, hiking, snowboarding, skiing, carpentry, mowing, and so on. 

To conclude

Each of the electronic masks described here comes from a different manufacturer and each with somewhat different features. However, the common denominator for all of them is that they do a great job by cleaning the surrounding air from the potentially harmful particles floating near you. 

On the downside, they cost more than regular face masks, but that’s the price of added safety. After all, the coronavirus is mainly transmitted via air when someone breathes in small virus droplets from someone already infected. 

Whether you opt for a standard face mask, a bandana, your grandma’s scarf, or some of the ones mentioned here, stay safe and be protected at all times.