First of all, it’s important to notice that we’re people too and we don’t only listen to 8-bit music. The second thing is that this article is not ordinary, it’s more like a “dear diary”, but a bit more formal. And the third thing: you can share your thoughts in the comments.

To cut a long story short, because of the coronavirus pandemic, the MTV Video Music Awards has become an online performance this year. Those who are fond of such musical things can enjoy the show online on Sunday.

We’ll begin our story of admiration with Lady Gaga. She made this show and has destroyed coronavirus to ashes. This will wait a bit because we want to tell you that Lady Gaga had seven colorful acid costume changes during the show. Well, our expressive queen, we’ve missed you a lot. 

Gaga was like a volcano eruption and we were not prepared for that, or is it better to say that the coronavirus was not prepared? Gaga demonstrated a ton of eye-catching face masks and they were designed in the same manner you’d anticipate from the scandalous pop-queen. Also, she took advantage of the show and annihilated every piece of it: during the ceremony, she changed eight outfits (punch me if I’ve made a mistake). It’s better to show you because my words are too poor to express the rich palette of emotions:

Lady Gaga channels the VMAs’ Moon Person in a silver jacket by Area, a clear helmet by Muscarella, necklace by Edward Avedis, and black platform boots by Pleasers. Image credit: harperbazaar.com
Lady Gaga wears a multi-colored ensemble by Iris van Herpen and black boots by Pleasers. Image credit: harperbazaar.com
Lady Gaga wears a voluminous green ball gown by Christoper John Rogers and Lance V Moore face mask. Image credit: harperbazaar.com
Lady Gaga wears a sequined bodysuit and white feather coat by Valentino Haute Couture. Image credit: harperbazaar.com
Lady Gaga wears a Candice Cuoco jacket, Manuel Albarran bra and choker, Maisonmet mask, and Valentino Haute Couture bodysuit. Image credit: harperbazaar.com
Lady Gaga wears a latex look by Vex Clothing, LA Roxx panties, Michael Ngo mask pack with Smooth Technology x Diego Montoya, Capezio tights, and Andre 1 shoes. Image credit: harperbazaar.com
Lady Gaga wears a Deadly Fetish Couture bra, panties, and leg harness. Image credit: harperbazaar.com
Lady Gaga wears a BCalla catsuit, Edward Avedis belt, and Saint Laurent shoes. Image credit: harperbazaar.com

Lady Gaga got four wins including Song of the Year, two awards for her collaboration with Ariana Grande, and, of course, she achieved the artist of the year award.  

Besides, Lady Gaga was not the only one who grabbed our attention. The Weeknd won their nomination for the Video of the Year for his “Blinding Lights”. As he commented during his speech, this award was more for people who were involved in the process of creation. Besides, he chose to finish his speech with a call to action: “Justice for Jacob Blake. Justice for Breonna Taylor.” Thank you, Abel Tesfaye. 

Image credit: theguardian.com

If your Twitter was lagging on Sunday, it was probably the BTS ARMY fan’s fault. BTS is the best K-Pop representative and they’ve got the best fan base we’ve ever seen. They’ve proved it on Twitter on Sunday crying “BTS WON BEST POP”. Yes, they totally did that, BTS has won the VMA for Best Pop

That was everything in general. Here, we’ve prepared all media material, you’re welcome to enjoy:

WINNER TREE. Here you can see the full list of artists who were nominated. 

ALL IN ONE AND DON’T LOSE IT. All performances in one place.


BTS performs “Dynamite”

Lady Gaga performs a medley of “Chromatica II”, “Rain On Me” (ft. Ariana Grande), and more

The Weeknd performs “Blinding Lights”