While every influential smartphone producing company such as Huawei, Samsung, etc. are storming into their offices to produce something cutting-edge and outstanding, Apple seems to be as calm as a monk. They’re sticking to their plan on how to impress us in more ordinary ways. Despite the tough times which have taken over us, Apple in 2020 is still swirled in rumors about the new iPhone across the internet. Rumors are like oil in an engine; Apple can derive a lot of traction from them, and we all know that when people are gossiping about you, you’re doing something right.

Apple is lending a helping hand to it’s loyal fans: those who show their dedication to its products and the company in general. Rumors about the new budget version of the iPhone are wandering around the internet, but the real point is why Apple needs a budget phone? The previous scenario around Apple’s popular iPhone SE (2015) is not the same as now. I’ll remind you that the iPhone SE was initially designed as a brave knight defending the miniature aesthetics of the phone, while the market had been filling with gigantic models, such as the iPhone 6. 

People did miss the small size of phones, although they’ve missed a budget iPhone even more. However, the era of tiny phones is over and the smallest option you can get is the iPhone 8, which has a 4.7-inch display. Unfortunately, there are no leaked photos of the new model, but who needs them when we’ve got our imagination and a leaked build of iOS 14 as evidence of the existence of the budget iPhone.

Here we go, rumors on the plate

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all the plans and scheduled events have been postponed or canceled, and Apple is not an exception. The Apple event should have been taking place in March 2020, but as a result of the global pandemic, we have no event. However, three years in a row after announcing the first SE, Apple had had an event in the spring, but the cancellation won’t be a pity at all.

 But what about those rumors? Yes, even rumors have their influencers and the most adorable and trusting Apple rumor dealer is Jon Prosser. On his Twitter account, he confidently states that Apple has been holding meetings to decide when to drop the iPhone 9 and the closest possible date could be April 15 – the official date of the canceled event. But, having a look at Prosser’s Twitter feed, I won’t be so naive as to believe a person with unofficial information. But, thanks to him, we have got at least something.

I remind you that, with the recent chaos surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak, like an anchor sinking to the seafloor, the need for a new smartphone is pretty low on the list of needs. Plus, according to TechRadar, plants that used to produce iPhones were frozen for a long period of time and, as a result, the production of the new model is not ready to go.


As mentioned before, we can’t trust average pondlife information about the iPhone, with a penta camera set, and must rely only on trustworthy analysts. Ming-Chi Kuo, a respected Apple analyst, in his research note in 9to5Mac, revealed his opinion on the iPhone 9 / SE question, and he stated that the iPhone SE 2 will have these possible specs:

  • Launch in the first half of April 2020
  • 4.7in display
  • A13 bionic processor chip
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 64GB baseline storage, with options for 128GB and 256GB
  • Updated LCP antenna for improved wireless performance
  • White, black, and red colors
  • iPhone 8-style design
  • Touch ID, no Face ID


The possible price is the initial value that we come to after analysis of the specs, characteristic expectations, and previous experience. If we compare the iPhone 8 – a possible predecessor to the iPhone SE 2 – specs with the imaginary iPhone 9, you’ll notice that the new model is slightly different from iPhone 8, which is priced at $349 at the moment. Tick, let’s move on.

The first iPhone SE price began at $399, and we hope to see the same type of price point for the iPhone SE 2. The new model is considered to be a budget model, so it shouldn’t storm in with a huge price tag. As a result, we can expect a possible range of $350-450. Tick.

fast and brief

Wrapping up

The last words go to the possible name of the new model. Apple has got a missing number in its iPhone line-up, so it could be a logical solution to call the new phone iPhone 9, but it doesn’t fit in any of the frames and creates even more questions. The Verge has published a leaked screenshot from the Apple website where the case for an iPhone 8 matched the mysterious next-gen iPhone SE. That’s why the device is believed to come with a 4.7-inch screen. Nevertheless, the name iPhone SE looks like a lack of imagination or just an easy way to fend off critical questions according to the new model.

Image credit: theverge.com

Perhaps it is an attempt by Apple to embrace a new audience and expand their influence among the people. But it’s not a negative feature. Apple is a reliable company, and when purchasing its products your confidence should rise to 100%, and not only because of the bitten apple on the back of the body but due to the high-quality construction. Yes, there is a risk to misread the market because of the coronavirus, but Apple has enough authority to manage this task.