The updated iPhone operating system, iOS 14 was announced with a plethora of new features and capabilities at the Worldwide Developers Conference back at the start of summer. In the newest iteration of the system, we get a new way to organize apps, widgets for the home screen, and a smaller Siri interface. You get picture-in-picture capabilities and you can further personalize your Memoji, too. 

Every time we get a new iOS launched, one of the first questions that crops up is whether it’s going to work with older iPhone handsets. When iOS 13 was launched last year it was confirmed that the iPhone 6S and iPhone SE from 2016 were the earliest models that it could work with. The same is true for this iOS, 14 is still going to work with the iPhone 6S and SE.

You won’t be able to update your iPhone to iOS 14 until later in the fall, you can still get your hands on the public beta version if you want to give it an early trial. This is probably best preserved for older iPhones that you don’t use for your primary functionality, notes Katie Conner for cnet

Check out all the devices that are going to be iOS 14 compatible and check if your version of the iPhone is on there. If you’re intending on investing in a new iPhone from fall onwards, you’ll have iOS 14 preinstalled. 


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