Nintendo conducted an Indie World Showcase on Tuesday and my opinion is pretty simple: give me a Nintendo Switch because I want to play all of them. Yes, the show was totally concentrated on indie developers, and the Switch console is in need of big titles. Nevertheless we should be grateful that the list of games is replenished with gorgeous specimens. I’ve already found the one I’d like to play and I hope you’ll find something for you.

Let’s dive into it.


This is it! The one I am nuts about! The developer of Hades is Supergiant. You might have seen their Transistor, Bastion, and Pyre games. These titles have got noticeable gameplay and the new game will get it from its predecessors. You could probably have guessed that Hades will be about the Greek mythology. The game gets the best from what the studio has implemented in their other games: colorful scenes, goosebump soundtracks, and memorable characters. You can enjoy this game from your Nintendo Switch or PC later this year.

Hypnospace Outlaw

For those unprepared personalities, understanding this game could take some hours. I’ll help you to shorten that time. Hypnospace Outlaw is the retro futuristic internet sim where you have to be a moderator hunting down pirated music, malicious software, and abusive users. The game will be available on August 27. Xbox and PS users can also try this out. 

Card Shark

It’s difficult to impress people with a fresh, new format for a game. However, Card Shark has fundamentally changed it. As I understand it. it’s a “card manipulator” simulator. The developers tell us: “Learn the art of card manipulation through high stakes gambling set in 18th century Europe,” which is almost the same thing. The release of the game will be on the Switch in 2021 and on PC.

Garden Story

Adventure RPG lovers will appreciate Garden Story. You’ll have a choice to become a… berry and his name is Concord, who has the mission to beat enemies’ asses and bring past life back to his island. The game will be available on the Switch in 2021.


It is probably the most anticipating game (as for me). Because there is a lot of titles with events happening around Greek, Japanese or Scandinavian mythology. And here it is, the action-adventure game that will engage you into the Indian mythology. Raji is a young girl with a magical spear who is standing against the demonic invasion and trying to save her younger brother.

Bear and Breakfast

Hmm.. understandable have a nice day. This game brings to mind the “We Bare Bears” cartoon. You’ll play as an innocent bear seeking breakfast.

Manifold Garden

This game hooked all the best awards last year and has become the most cheered indie game coming to the Switch. The game is already available. 


It’s savage and colorful! You’ll be encouraged to play for a bear-shaped man with a sword exploring the world of strange creatures which look like monkeys. Actually, I like this one too, because of the colors and non-typical gameplay. The game is available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.

Untitled Goose Game

Do you remember the game where you played as a goose and honk (read scare) random people? With the new free update you’ll be able to share a sweet sense of pleasure, annoying people with your friend.