The new WatchOS 7 was announced earlier this week, bringing new capabilities in the form of a software update to the Apple Watch. New hardware isn’t set to land until fall, but we still got a sneaky preview at some of what’s coming up; showing is how the features will function and demonstrating their value.

One new addition the operating system is a handwashing feature – when the watch thinks you’re making hand-wash-type movements a timer will kick in. You can also access a new dance workout with the fitness tracking features that are on the way, making sure every calorie burned is noted as you throw shapes in the club or at home in your pajamas.

These new features are small fry compared to some of the long-term improvements that are likely going to have some sort of impact on your life, reckons Jason Cipriani for cnet. Your perceptions of your Apple Watch will change with with WatchOS 7, you’re bedtime routine will be adjusted, and even what you see each time you check the time will be different with downloadable and custom watch faces. 

We’ve put together a list of the three features of the WatchOS 7 that will adjust your Apple Watch relationship forever.

1. Your watch face is given some freedom 

What’s the feature? Developers and Apple Watch owners can now add lots of their own details to the watch face display. On the face, you can see your daily agenda, a weather report from Dark Sky, or even a shortcut to get into your Messages app on the move. Whereas before, you could only display one feature, known as a complication, this is getting expanded.

Why’s it good? Every involved with Apple Watches, from owners to developers, have been wanting to add more complications to the watch face for years. Now, you can see multiple pieces of information from the same app, for example you can see the weather forecast as well as current weather.

What do I need to do? You can now change your watch face to have more detail displayed. It’ll look how it always has but it’ll be easier to use and work around. The names of apps and previews should be easier to see and choose, now.

To make the change, hold down the watch face to get into Edit mode, then swipe left on the face to choose the complication you want to make changes to, then choose from the list.

If you’re not dexterous enough, you can make the edits using the Watch app through your iPhone. 

Image credit: kod.ru

2. It’s watching you sleep

What’s the feature? You get a new Sleep app on the new Apple Watch that will log how long you sleep for and the quality of that sleep. It also offers to help you chill out as bedtime approaches.

Why’s it good? Users of Fitbit and other fitness trackers on the market have had these features for years, but the Apple Watch has never had something official to compete. Now that you can track your sleep, there’s even more data available to Apple Watch users about their health and wellness.

What do I need to do? One you’ve downloaded the new WatchOS 7, you need to configure the Sleep app with details of your bedtime and what time you want to wake up. Once it’s set up, you’ll get Wind Down time shown on your screen, and the Do Not Disturb feature will be switched on just as it’s bedtime. When it’s time for bed, your phone screen will go dim and your watch will change over to the Sleep watch face. You need to sleep whilst wearing your watch and in the morning get data on how good a sleep you get and how long it lasted direct fro the watch face. You’ll even get a reminder to charge your watch when you’re awake. 

Image credit: wylsa.com

3. Changing faces

What’s the feature? With the WatchOS 7, watch owners and developers can make and share watch faces, including bespoke layouts for complications and designs. 

Why’s it good? You no longer have to hun through different watch faces that have complications you can get on board with; you’re going to be able to get your hands on innumerable faces along with a lost of apps that will complete the styling. 

What do I need to do? Anyone with an Apple Watch can share the arrangements they make online or even send them through iMessage. Not only that, professional developers will also be able to give you a link to the watch faces they create so you can install them. 

When you access a link to add a watch face it goes into you Watch app on your iPhone; in there you’ll get a preview of the face and a list of any apps you need for complications that were used to make it, plus links that will take you to directly download those apps. This will make sure your new face doesn’t have blank spaces where complications should be. 

From what we can tell, when you want to share a watch face you’ve made, you can do it either straight from the watch or in the Watch app. 

Other OS’s launched at the same time were iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 with developer previews released and now being used. With these new systems, you get new features and big changes like the iPhone home screen and improvements to Siri and Messages.

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